Welcome To D.N.A Skateboarding

D.N.A Skateboard Company 

Design. New. Art Skateboarding.
A company promoting positivity, creativity, and Individualism. We offer top of the line skateboards that we personally put to the test daily. Shredder Owned.

Welcome to the Design New Art Community

Some people view skateboarding as a nusince or even a criminal act. Some people get angry at the site of skateboarding. "dam kids will never grow up!" At D.N.A we believe that its our way of living. Skateboarding plays a strong roll in our life. It effects who we are, who we become, where we want to go, how to deal with pain, failure, success, hard work, along with many other life lessons and experiences. This is who we became. Our path. Our Culture. Care free lifers that will never stop pushing. At the end of it all we just want to skate.  

For the sake of the shred 

Please browse our new site! Check out our team videos page and then show the team love and pick up some gear. We would not want to provide products we dont put to the test. 



DNA Skateboard team photo D.N.A Skate team pic